The French Diving School

The French Diving School (« École de Plongée Française »). Why do we use the term SCHOOL?

One can find several definitions for the word « school »: it may be the actual location, the public body where pupils receive junior education but also an institution where specialized training is given. The term SCHOOL also applies to the teaching one gives or receives, to all the teachers or students, to the method, the philosophy and pedagogy.

The French Diving School (EPF) advocated by the ANMP is different in the way that it does not dictate a constraining training system upon any given diver. A dive instructor EPF is a professional and his diploma has been recognised by the French State. He has passed demanding professional training which ensures the client, i.e. the student, safety and progress guarantees for his dive course.

The duty of the professional instructor is to adapt himself to his student and to make him progress according to his own rhythm. The French Diving School has worked for a long time on a system based on skills one has to master for each diving level. Our distinctiveness is the level of freedom we give the instructor to find the tasks and exercises which best suit his student.

The Training Guide is the essential tool to assess a diver’s progress. It allows him to measure the new skills he has managed and to appreciate how he has evolved towards the course objectives.

If you choose to train with the French Diving School, you make sure your dive course will be tailor-made to meet your individual needs.
The professional instructor is there to guide you and help you master the skills which will enable you to grow self-confidence in order to make serene and safe dives.